Back in 2010 Nick Firkus’s wife Heidi was shot and killed during a reported home invasion in St. Paul, MN. Firkus himself was also shot in the leg. Firkus claimed an intruder broke into his home, that he had approached the intruder with a rifle, and in the struggle the shots were fired accidentally killing his wife and injuring him.

That was the official story until May 2021 when authorities charged Firkus with shooting his wife, faking the home invasion, and shooting himself in the leg to make it look good.

I was not in court for the whole trial. I was there for opening statements, one day of testimony, and closing statements. The jury ultimately found Firkus guilty after deliberating for only a few hours.

Prosecution opening statements.
Defense opening statements.
Defense attorney Robert Richman questioned St Paul Police Sgt. Nichole Sipes.
Family friend Hillary Autry was questioned as to whether or not Heidi was aware of the family’s upcoming foreclosure and plans to move.
Neighbor Brandon O’Conner overheard some commotion at the Firkus home around the time of the shooting.
Defendant Nick Firkus (center) observes the trial seated next to attorney Robert Richman (left).
Prosecutor making closing statements.
Defense attorney Robert Richman making closing statements.
During final rebuttal the prosecuting attorney started a timer, grabbed a rifle, and reenacted the alleged murder scenario to demonstrate that it could have been done within the short time allowed between two phone calls made by the defendant. In this sketch she is miming bracing herself against a wall about to shoot.
Crop of Nick Firkus observing closing arguments.

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