On July 6, 2021 high school baseball coach Jay Boughton was driving home from a game with his son. On the Highway 169 freeway he had a traffic altercation with another vehicle. Someone in that vehicle pulled out a gun and shot Boughton in the head, causing him to crash. Boughton died though his son survived.

For a couple of months nobody knew who the shooter was. Eventually investigators concluded the shot was fired from a vehicle rented by Jamal Smith, a man from Chicago who was traveling through Minnesota with two friends. Smith stood trial for the shooting but claims one of his passengers fried the shot.

The trial commenced last week. After hearing all the evidence the jury found him guilty of first- and second-degree murder and unlawful possession of a firearm. Smith faces a mandatory life sentence.

I was not present for the entire 7-day trial, only for select portions.

First day of jury selection: Smith sits with his attorneys.
First day of jury selection: Smith’s attorney discussing what can and can’t be allowed into evidence.
Prosecuting attorneys discussing terms of the case with the judge.
The prosecution makes opening statements to the jury.
Jamal Smith sits between his attorneys as they listen to opening arguments.
Smith’s attorney makes opening arguments to the jury.
Kristin Boughton, wife of the victim, takes the stand.
Jamal Smith takes the stand and answers questions from his attorney.
Jamal Smith briefly wiped tears from his eyes white testifying.
Smith and his attorneys listen as the prosecution makes closing arguments to the jury.
Smith’s attorney makes closing statements to the jury, arguing that from Smith’s position in the driver’s seat it would have been too difficult for him to accurately shoot across the front seat while both cars were speeding down the road.

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