In 2021 Gregory Ulrich entered an Alina Health clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota and opened fire. He shot five people, one of whom died. He also set off two pipe bombs and a third that did not detonate. Ulrich admitted to the crime but says he is not guilty of first-degree murder because he didn’t intend to kill anyone, only to cause mayhem. He wanted to draw attention to what he saw as a heartless healthcare system by inflicting pain, not death.

Ulrich was angry about being denied opioids following a painful back surgery and says he was wrongfully labeled “drug-seeking”. On the stand Ulrich said, “I needed someone to listen…I wanted to sensationalize and get a louder message. I wanted to get in the papers and get people’s attention so people understand what pain is like without medication.” In a pre-taped video before the shooting Ulrich called on others to rise up and grab their guns. He said he was “saving all seniors” who are living in pain.

On June 3, 2022 a jury found Ulrich guilty on all counts.

I was only in court for the first day of jury selection, opening statements, and closing arguments.

Judge questions a potential juror in Day 1 of jury selection.
Defendant Gregory Ulrich listens to the proceedings on headphones.
Prosecutor makes opening statements to jury.
A wheelchair-bound Gregory Ulrich took the stand and was questioned by prosecutors.
During closing arguments, prosecutors played a video Ulrich recorded of himself before the shooting.
During closing arguments, the defense attorney played Ulrich’s 911 call for the jury in an effort to suggest Ulrich had some concern for the victims he had just shot.

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