In January/February 2022 there was a federal trial in St. Paul charging the other three former police officers who were with Derek Chauvin when he put his knee on Floyd’s neck. The officers were accused of not doing enough to stop Chauvin and thereby depriving Floyd of his civil rights. The trial lasted an entire month and all three officers were convicted. I was in court every day and created over fifty sketches. Here is a sampling.

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DOJ attorney Samantha Trepel makes opening arguments.
Paramedic Derek Smith testified that Floyd was not breathing, had no pulse, and was “probably deceased” when he arrived at the scene. He also acknowledged that officer Lane was “helpful” in efforts to resucitate Floyd in the ambulance. On the screen is body camera footage of officer Lane giving chest compressions to Floyd in the ambulance.
Defense attorney Robert Paule questions MPD Inspector Katie Blackwell about “excited delirium”, a condition in which people under the influence of drugs demonstrate psychotic behavior and extreme aggressiveness, often stripping off their clothes due to elevated body temperature. Paule showed a video montage of police subduing people experiencing the delirium. Paule argued the officers suspected Floyd was possibly showing signs of the delirium.
Harvard pulmonologist (lung expert) Dr. David Systrom testified that George Floyd died of asphyxia and that Floyd likely could have been saved had the other officers intervened.
Defense attorney Robert Paule questions former officer Tou Thao. Paule showed several examples of Minneapolis police being trained to use the knee to keep an aggressive suspect under control.
Assistant U.S. Attorney LeeAnn Bell questions former officer Tou Thao while other officers and attorneys look on.
Prosecuting attorney Manda Sertich questions former officer J. Alexander Kueng.
Prosecuting attorney Samantha Trepel questions former officer Thomas Lane while other officers and attorneys look on.
Attorney Earl Gray, representing former officer Thomas Lane, gives his closing arguments.
Judge Paul Magnuson reads the jury’s verdict: Guilty on all counts.

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